White Bean & Oat Pancakes (Gluten Free, Flour Free)

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What do you do with a pantry full of beans when your children refuse to eat them? Since I don’t really want to eat beans three times a day myself, I have decided to get creative and start using beans to make things my kids will like to eat.

I had already discovered black bean brownies and white bean blondies from Chocolate-Covered Katie’s blog, which my kids actually love and devour whenever I make them. As much as I love brownies and blondies, I don’t think I want to make them every day, which is what I would need to do to make a dent in my bean supply! So, this morning, as I was thinking about what to fix for breakfast, I decided to experiment with pancakes – another favorite food for my kids.

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First, I looked online to see what is already out there – I’m not one to reinvent the wheel.  I found bean and oatmeal pancakes here and here.  They are practically the same recipe, the only difference being honey in the one and agave in the other.  While I liked some aspects of these recipes, the problem I have when I look into recipes of this nature is that most of the ones out there are for vegans or people with severe food allergies.  While I have a tree nut allergy, I am not vegan and I prefer to use milk and eggs in my pancakes.  So, I used the bean and oatmeal pancakes as a guide and created my own recipe.

Unlike the bean and oatmeal pancakes linked above, my pancakes are not heavy or dense. They are surprisingly light.  They are not fluffy, though, and I will play around with ways to make them fluffier in the future.  The pancakes are on the thin side, but not swedish pancake thin.  The texture and consistency is almost like oatmeal pancakes, with hardly anything to indicate that they are made of beans.  They are best eaten freshly made and hot, as the bean flavor is more pronounced when they are cold.

The best part – my kids loved them and couldn’t get enough! My son actually preferred them plain, without any topping.   I served them with a blueberry syrup I made this morning.

White Bean and Oat Pancakes


5 responses to “White Bean & Oat Pancakes (Gluten Free, Flour Free)

    • I don’t see why not. I don’t typically put sugar in pancakes, because I figure you usually put syrup or something sweet on top. The only reason I included it in this recipe is I was concerned that the bean taste would be strong. I will probably try making them with less sugar or even no sugar, in the future.

  1. Nice! I will have to try those as my kids want pancakes everyday! I just made flourless creeps today which were pretty much eggs and cream cheese and the kids lived them.

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